Strategy for Humanity works with mission-driven organizations and those who fund them to develop effective strategies, conduct smart advocacy and analysis, and achieve meaningful results. Our highly experienced professionals have a strong record of consistent achievement, effective leadership, and deep content expertise.  We are proud of our record and the extraordinary impact of our clients. 

Our practice is grounded in the belief that how you conduct your work is as important as what you achieve. We recognize that each client is unique, with distinct needs and interests. That is why we design and tailor every step of our process to enable our clients to identify and strengthen their distinctive voice, build and enhance their public profile, develop and implement organizational priorities, ​create and conduct smart advocacy strategies, and achieve and measure impactful results.

Our award winning leadership team is recognized for building collaboration across the political divide, bridging disparate communities, and bringing together distinct sectors to coalesce on a common goal. Whether working on a big or small strategy or developing a bold and new initiative, our approach is rooted in creative problem-solving, finding opportunities, and always being mindful of the interface of organizational culture, mission, strategy and impact.

Strategy for Humanity embraces the power of diverse voices and is a woman-, minority-, LGBTQI+-, survivor-, and person with disabilities- owned small business.  An equal opportunity employer, we helped our clients to make  a big difference since 2009. 

Our Team

Maria Alexandra Arriaga (she/her)
Founder & Partner

Alex Arriaga has served in executive leadership positions at the White House, the U.S. Congress, and both nonprofit and for profit organizations. She has successfully advanced international human rights issues, created large-scale public education campaigns, and achieved legislative victories. She is a proven leader and strategist with a track record of success in local, national and global arenas. Alex’s specialties include international human rights, humanitarian assistance, gender and gender-based violence, rights of persons with disabilities, rights of children, and policy development and implementation. She also serves in leadership roles on Boards relating to education, justice, disabilities, and refugees.

Charles J. Brown (he/him)

Charles J. Brown has held senior leadership positions at various government agencies and human rights nonprofits. Previously, Charlie served as Senior Advisor in the Office of the Undersecretary for Policy in the U.S. Department of Defense, where he led implementation of DoD components of the President’s initiative to integrate atrocity prevention and response into U.S. policy. He also served as Chair of the Experts Committee on Preventing Mass Violence, a bipartisan group of former government officials, academics, think tank experts, and NGO representatives. Charlie’s specialties include atrocity prevention, international justice, human rights, democracy, international humanitarian law, crisis response, foreign policy, diplomacy, social media, and NGOs and non-profit governance and management.

Bhumika Ahuja (she/her)
Research Fellow
Bhumika Ahuja, currently serving as a Research Fellow at Strategy for Humanity, brings to the table a rich professional background as a social design researcher and strategist. Her expertise lies in crafting research and strategy initiatives aimed at developing digital-inclusive solutions for novice internet users in India as part of Google’s Next Billion User global team. Additionally, she focuses on supporting craftspeople in navigating market dynamics within the craft sector and is deeply involved in diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts within the education space. With extensive experience in India, Bhumika has now transitioned her work to the United States. Prior to her current role, she played a pivotal part in the diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging department at California College of the Arts, where she served as a Research Associate. In this capacity, she spearheaded policy initiatives aimed at reforming teaching curriculum and administrative policies to foster a more inclusive educational environment.

Ben Batros (he/him)
Director of Legal Strategy
Ben Batros is Director of Legal Strategy at Strategy for Humanity. He is a respected litigator who has excelled at using law as a tool for accountability and social change.  Ben has led litigation strategies for civil society, at international tribunals, and in government. Ben specializes in human rights, international criminal law, climate change, international tax governance, and identifying the optimal use of legal mechanisms in broader strategies. Ben previously was at the Justice Initiative of the Open Society Foundation, focusing on strategic litigation, managing a portfolio of sixty cases, and directing a summer school on human rights litigation.  He also served as Appeals Counsel for the International Criminal Court, Office of the Prosecutor; and he advised the Australian Government on its ratification and implementation of the ICC Statute and on regional strategies to address trafficking in persons.

Olivia Bueno (she/her)
​Olivia Bueno is a Director at Strategy for Humanity and an experienced human rights researcher, advocate, and strategist. Her specialization includes issues on migration and refugees, children, and women. Working with partners in Europe, the United States, Latin America, and Africa, Olivia has carried out research, programming, and advocacy on a variety of human rights issues, including displacement and conflict, land rights affecting refugee returns, challenges for children and youth on the move, and women’s participation in peace processes and peacebuilding.

Fred Carver (he/him)
Managing Director
Fred Carver, a Managing Director at Strategy for Humanity, is based in Norway. He has held senior management positions at organizations working in international relations and human rights. Fred’s work has included designing strategic plans for large and small international organizations, implementing advocacy strategies on atrocity prevention, conducting analysis of UK contributions to UN Peacekeeping, writing tenders to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), and giving written and oral parliamentary evidence. His experience encompasses a wide range of strategic advice and consultations, research and analysis, writing and editing, presentations, and communications. He has served as editor of two journals, co-editor of a magazine, and public spokesperson. Prior to joining Strategy for Humanity, Fred was Head of Policy at the United Nations Association–UK, leading policy development, designing high-profile campaigns on UN reform and on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, and structuring initiatives on atrocity prevention, peacekeeping, and UK foreign policy. Fred recently completed the GenderPro professional qualification in Gender and Development from the George Washington University’s Global Women’s Institute.

Kelly Case (she/her)
Managing Director
Kelly Case is a Managing Director at Strategy for Humanity. She is an expert in non-profit management with specialization in women-inclusive peace and security processes, trauma awareness, gender equality, resilience, prevention and response to sexual and gender-based violence, and conflict mitigation. She has developed robust curriculum, led trainings in multicultural settings, and designed and implemented qualitative evaluations. She has worked with policymakers in countries impacted by conflict and facilitated greater empowerment for civil society to be agents of change. Kelly held leadership roles at Inclusive Security where she managed large grants and collaborated with women leaders in peace processes and post-conflict initiatives in Sudan, South Sudan, and other parts of Africa. She also worked with the American Red Cross to manage humanitarian services in the United States.

​Karen Castle (she/her)
Karen Castle is a Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of experience helping small businesses with their day-to-day financial management.  Karen assists Strategy for Humanity with invoicing, bill payments, payroll, financial reporting, and other accounting matters. Karen is a Principal at Castle Business Accounting, a firm focusing on client accounting services and small business advisory.

Sapna Chhatpar Considine (she/her)
Managing Director
Sapna Chhatpar Considine is a Managing Director at Strategy for Humanity. She heads our New York operations and is a key lead on the multilateral portfolio.  Her areas of expertise include United Nations processes and structures, atrocity prevention, responsibility to protect, civilians in conflict, human rights and humanitarian crises, and peacebuilding and sustaining peace. Sapna began her career working at the grassroots level to mobilize students, policy makers and the general public in support of democratic freedoms in Myanmar. Prior to joining Strategy for Humanity, Sapna was the co-founder of the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP), a global coalition of civil society organizations working to prevent genocide and mass atrocities.

​Suzanne Cronin (she/her)
Special Assistant
Suzanne Cronin is an accomplished executive assistant with 20 years of experience spanning across several different industries.  Her skills include complex calendar management, travel arrangements and she enjoys event planning.  Suzanne is highly organized, detail oriented and maintains a positive can-do attitude. 

​Ann Strimov Durbin (she/her)
Ann Strimov Durbin is a Director at Strategy for Humanity.  A human rights attorney, policy advocate, and philanthropic strategist, she has extensive experience working with populations impacted by atrocity crimes and genocide, armed conflict, sexual and gender-based violence, displacement, and systemic inequality – particularly women and children.  Ann has worked as a civil rights litigator, prosecuting discrimination and constitutional rights violations, and has led philanthropic advisory services for a fiscal sponsorship provider, where she designed, incubated, and oversaw projects across a range of social change initiatives.  For several years, Ann directed global advocacy and on-the-ground programming for Jewish World Watch.  At the Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, Ann managed a portfolio of grants focused on human rights, international justice, and peace and security.

Jackie Geis (she/her)
Senior Director
Jackie Geis has spent over two decades creating, building, and leading internationally-focused initiatives and coalitions. Her experience spans start-ups and large institutions; the UN, US Government, and private sectors; and the fields of justice, human rights, technology, and climate. A keen strategist and operator, she has conceptualized, built, and led internationally-focused initiatives at a wide range of organizations, including Videre est Credere, the Brookings Institution, US State Department, UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), and the American Bar Association. She served on the International Criminal Court’s Technology Advisory Board and is a sought-after advisor and speaker on security and documentation efforts in complex human rights environments.

Tabitha Mpamira (she/her)
​Tabitha Mpamira is a Director at Strategy for Humanity. She is a respected expert, facilitator, and speaker on mental health, sexual and gender-based violence, and survivor resilience. Tabitha’s work has been widely recognized and vividly depicted by Now This in the documentary Victors: Singing to the Lions and through her TEDx Talk focused on the transforming or transferring of trauma. Tabitha was recognized by Global Citizen in 2018 when she won the People’s Choice Waislitz Award. In addition to her leadership role with Strategy for Humanity, Tabitha founded Mutera Global Healing (formerly EDJA), an organization providing free medical, legal, and mental health services to survivors of sexual assault in East Africa. Mutera has sparked rapid change in Uganda by supporting hundreds of survivors and bringing perpetrators to justice. She is pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology with a specialization in sexual trauma. Multi-lingual, Tabitha speaks English, Kinyarwanda, Luganda, and Rukiga, and has understanding but not fluency in Swahili.

Beau Vega (he/him)
Research Fellow
Beau Vega serves as a Research Fellow at Strategy for Humanity. Beau brings a diverse academic and professional background bridging international affairs and economic development. In recent years, Beau has conducted business and policy research for US private stakeholders, assessing the impacts of national and regional economic policies on their interests in the ASEAN region. His research covered sectors including food & agriculture, travel & tourism, and aerospace and defense. Previously, Beau worked for a women-led consultant and investment advisory firm in Ghana, where he gained valuable exposure to local business development and environmental sustainability initiatives across Western Africa. Beau is especially proud of the work he did with this firm to spearhead a project to enhance opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Southern Africa and enable them to compete effectively against international competitors. With a commitment to advancing inclusive and sustainable practices, Beau’s experience and research underscores his dedication to fostering economic growth and resilience across diverse regions.