Strategy for Humanity LLC works with mission-driven organizations and those who fund them to develop effective strategies, conduct smart advocacy and analysis, and achieve meaningful results.  

At a time of great global challenges, Strategy for Humanity LLC bridges disparate communities and reaches across the divide to enable a path forward. We are proud of our record and take pride in how we work and what we deliver.

Strategy for Humanity LLC embraces the power of diverse voices and is a woman-, minority-, LGBTQI+-, survivor-, and person with disabilities- owned small business.  An equal opportunity employer, we have helped our clients to make a big difference since 2009. 


Whether working on a big or small strategy, our approach is rooted in creative problem-solving, proposing big ideas and achieving impact.

We create large- and small- scale strategic plans as well as customized initiatives, programs, trainings, and public campaigns. ​

We facilitate dynamic exchanges designed to unleash creativity, share knowledge, engage participants, and advance goals. ​

We help build cohesive teams, engage leaders across sectors, bridge the ideological divide, and set a path forward.

We design communication strategies, create curricula, prepare reports, tailor evaluations, and assess outcomes.

We help our clients find their niche, improve their systems, increase growth, and enhance funding strategies. 

We work in partnership with our clients to enable innovation, strengthen thought leadership, hone priorities, and achieve goals. 


Our highly-skilled consultants draw from decades of experience leading organizational development, change, and growth, and guiding innovation and policies to tackle the issues affecting local and global communities. Whatever is most pressing, we help clients set and achieve impactful goals.


Strategy for Humanity provides specialized services to a broad spectrum of public service, private sector, philanthropic, academic and non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the lives of people all over the world.